Stay compliant and meet controlled substance tracking demands while replacing paper log books

  • How confident are you in the safety and security of your Controlled Substance audits? 
  • When a question arises, do you search through pages of transactions with illegible signatures in a log book?

  • How easily can you be notified of a discrepancy?

  • Provide your Medical Director peace-of-mind by recording the receipt, movement, administration and final disposition of each controlled substance.


Quickly report on the transaction history of your personnel handling controlled substances as well as the detailed chain-of-custody records for each individual substance received into and tracked through your operation.  

A clear record of every transaction verified securely provides added reliability and confidence. Single or dual verification options include digital signature, password and pin or biometric fingerprint.

The Operative IQ Advantage:

  • Customize to meet your needs and maintain electronic records
  • Account for each and every vial within your organization at all times
  • Identify and track each substance from initial receipt, audits, transfers and movement in the field through administration to final disposition
  • Match up administration records with detailed chain-of-custody logs
  • Document the reverse distribution or destruction process thoroughly
  • Pull detailed documentation quickly & easily where investigation is necessary
  • Add RFID automation as an option to maintain live safe audits


The Narcotics Safe-1

Quickly convert your narcotics safe into an RFID Safe with a retro-fit RFID set up. An RFID Safe Reader provides live monitoring of safe contents and instant audits through your Operative IQ Narcotics Tracking Solution.

To ensure accuracy and maximize security, the RFID Safe alerts crew members when the control numbers in the safe do not match the safe records.

Where refrigeration is needed, Operative IQ offers a custom-built RFID Refrigerator Safe which includes proximity badge access and real time status monitoring. Whether you need a Fixed RFID Reader for continuous real-time updates or a Handheld RFID Reader for periodic inspections and as-needed updates, you will significantly reduce labor hours and improve inventory accuracy with this unique Operative IQ RFID technology.


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