Ready to Automate Your Asset Checks? 

Your RFID-tagged assets are automatically captured and updated in Operative IQ to verify their location and status.

Your crew will appreciate this automation tool and you can rest easy knowing your assets are accounted for including when and where they were last seen. Determine the right tags for each asset, assign the tags and attach them to your equipment and you are all set! You can even capture maintenance items. It's that simple!

Solution Highlights:

  • Affordable technology & equipment
  • Automated inventory counts and asset verification to dramatically reduce time
  • Time  and date stamp for all verified assets
  • Customized tag options for your specific needs and read range for each type of asset
  • Accurate verification informs you of updates  allowing you to address discrepancies


Take RFID Technology All the Way to Your Vehicles!


Periodic Inspections

  • The Handheld RFID Reader allows you to log into IQ Mobile to perform asset audits as needed
  • This is used to read assets in your supply room or brought out to your vehicles for field inspection
  • It is a quick and easy way to quickly identify which assets are where and determine if assets are missing
  • This periodic verification will update in real-time on the Operative IQ Check Sheet application


Continuous Monitoring

  • Installing a Fixed RFID Reader in a supply room or on a vehicle allows for live, real-time asset monitoring
  • This allows you to know precisely when tagged assets have entered or exited a room or vehicle
  • It is helpful in tracking the location of expensive assets and equipment that may move around or be at a higher risk for loss
  • Crew is alerted when assets are missing or left on scene so action can be taken in a timely manner
  • Custom rules can be programmed for alerts, live asset updates and cabinet seal verification
  • Although constant tag reads are being captured, only updates are posted to your Operative IQ system to focus your efforts on when items were first read, last read and the GPS location of those reads


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