Work towards a perfect CAAS score by employing Operative IQ.

CAAS Accreditation CAAS (Commission of Accreditation of Ambulance Services) has emerged as the leading standard of organization to encourage and promote excellence in patient care within the ambulance service industry. Agencies with CAAS Accreditation immediately stand-out for their commitment to organization, high standards and meticulous attention to detail. To achieve and maintain this standard, CAAS requires detailed record keeping and regular recertification. Using Operative IQ in your day to day operations can help make this process easier.

  • Would it be helpful to move away from paper documents and the need to search through file cabinets?
  • Are you interested in tightening up your inventory and asset management?
  • Would you like to streamline narcotics processes and documentation to achieve a higher standard? 

Operative IQ wants to always help our Industry Professionals understand certification requirements. We strive to help you learn more about how our team at Operative IQ can assist you with getting and keeping CAAS standards to the highest standards.   

Consolidate your operations management records in one place. Operative IQ’s user-friendly solution helps you capture and report on your fleet maintenance. Control purchasing and inventory usage, asset condition including location, and complete narcotics chain of custody data in one tool. Also, our reporting functionality allows you to pull necessary documentation in minutes!

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2019 CAAS Video Overview - V5 - FINAL



"The Operative IQ system allows our company to track our fleet maintenance and repairs; stretchers, monitors, and other durable medical equipment; and the maintenance and repairs of all of our facilities. The OpIQ reporting feature allows us to provide documentation that we meet or exceed numerous CAAS standards. These reports save me several hours when filling out the application and during the on-site CAAS inspection."

- Curtis Marks : Priority Ambulance


Free educational webinar with CAAS - Jan 14th at 2pm.