Save time & money with Operative IQ

  • Are you using white boards to track equipment and inventory? 
  • Do you find yourself overstocked on some items and under stocked on others?
  • Are you wasting meds & products that have expired in the field?
  • Would you like a better way to log and track it all?


    Operative IQ is a robust, yet user-friendly tool that helps you make informed, data-driven decisions.  We help ensure you have the right stock in the right place at the right time while reducing waste!


Four time EMS World Innovation Award winning solution Operative IQ helps you increase efficiency, compliance and communication through our arsenal of cutting edge modules.

Streamline your processes with visibility across your entire operation.

  • Inventory & Asset Management
  • Fleet Maintenance (optional Vehicle Telematics)
  • Narcotics Chain of Custody Tracking
  • Service Desk TIcketing System
  • IQ Genius RFID Technology for Automation